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People love hackathons! They deliver a fun and challenging experience where hackers, designers, and techies of all flavors, test their skills at building something cool or meaningful in a short amount of time, under pressure, with others. It gives them personal satisfaction, improved skills, community involvement, and for some… prizes!

Brands and organizations love hackathons too! They’re a powerful tool to increase the awareness and use of API’s, cloud services, devices, etc., as well as to enhance overall brand perception, gain SM and media buzz, and even to identify potential new hires.

But with dozens of hackathons happening all the time, how do you get it right? How do you stand out? Most importantly, how do you get results that justify your investment of time and money?

What we do

We take your ideas, goals, and aspirations and turn them into awesomeness - hackathon style.

If ever there were something where understanding a community, creating an exceptional user experience, producing the right environment, and attracting the perfect attendees separated success from obscurity, hackathons are it. Anyone can get a space, order pizza, give away some prizes and call it a hackathon, but to make the right impression and get the desired results, there's a bunch of things to get right, in the right amount, in the right order, at the right time, within budget.

Here's how we make it happen:

  • event strategy/planning
  • user experience design
  • marketing plan development/implementation
  • PR and social media strategy/execution
  • community outreach/messaging
  • promotions to women tech groups
  • best practices review/training
  • vendor analysis/selection
  • judging criteria/policies development
  • event rules/terms & conditions authoring
  • code of conduct authoring
  • registration management
  • judges selection
  • event feedback planning/set-up
  • remarketing strategy/execution
  • prize/swag determination
At the hackathon
  • complete event leadership/management
  • Master of Ceremonies services
  • attendee team forming management
  • team/project registration management
  • vendor management
  • photographer/videographer oversight
  • participant video interviews
  • general attendee support
  • judges preparation
  • project presentation management
  • judging/voting oversight
  • prize/certificate presentations
  • contingency manangement
Post hackathon
  • prize distribution
  • follow-up communications
  • video production oversight
  • event recap content creation
  • event summary documentation

Who we are

We're experienced hackathon hosts and MC's, proven hackathon organizers and managers, community builders, geeks, and entreprenuers of the first order.

Awesome Hackathon is the work of Deb Benkler and Ken Alan. After delivering Awesome Hackathons for a number of well-known brands and consulting for even more, it was clear that there was an unmet need. So, leveraging: our UX chops, our deep involvement and connections in the tech world, our skills building the planet’s largest tech community of its kind, and our experience hosting more than 30 tech focused events, Awesome Hackathons came to be.


Examples of our highly successful hackathons
to inspire your dream event.




It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. - John Wooden
  • Your hackathon is about YOU. It’s your brand and your technology shining in the spotlight, not us.
  • Our role is to execute flawlessly so that YOU reap the benefits. We’re there to make your hackathon an awesome experience.
  • Awesome Hackathons has a core team to manage all aspects of your hackathon from conception to execution and follow-up.
  • Plus, we have the capability to scale up to meet your needs wherever we work with you.
  • We can help you develop your hackathon anywhere in the world or manage the event on-site anywhere in North America.
  • That said, we’re especially well positioned to make it happen in the NYC region.
  • Every hackathon is unique, as well as our level of involvement, so there is no "standard fee".
  • Location, services required, event size, and staffing needs are some of the particulars we consider when quoting your hackathon.


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