Ken Lonyai

If it's not fun, it's not an Awesome Hackathon.

My Profile

"Been there done that with tons of technology, but there's so much new stuff out there that's cool to discover and develop, being a tech freak never gets old. That's what draws me to hackathons."

Ken is a senior level UX Director/Designer, Product Developer/Strategist adept at leading teams and developing projects, especially with alternate interfaces/user experiences. Creator of multifaceted interaction models that truly engage and delight users, frequently fusing consumer's digital/physical worlds. R&D lead and evangelist for emerging tech: HUI (Humanized User Interface), artificial assistants, chatbots, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ambient computing/invisible UI, IoT (Internet of Things), wearables.

He holds an MBA (marketing) and is a 15+ year veteran of user centered interactive project development including some of the industry's most unique experiential systems. His skills span the on-line world and nearly every realm of human/computer interface used by brands and retailers - mobile, interactive kiosks, experiential displays, HUI and more.

Ken is a co-founder of the Alisa (personal assistant) project, co-founder of HUI Central, and a 2012 User Experience Award winner.

Launching a new HUI consultancy/dev shop called Humanize, he's charged with humanizing brand technology experiences in ways that are contextually relevant yet effectively transparent to users.

Other Interests